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How are ours Different?

Most animals like a Snuffle Mat but we especially encourage these for dogs. Simply hide treats or feed your dog his/her meals in the Snuffle Mat and watch him/her go. Your pet will love snuffling away to find the hidden treats in the thick layers of fleece. It can also be used to slow down a fast eater, put an energetic puppy to sleep, entertain an inquisitive mind and calm an anxious dog.

Snuffle Mats are made to last so you will not be wasting your money on a toy that will be in pieces in a week. In all the time making Snuffle Mats we have never had any returns and this is because we hand make each Snuffle Mat with love and use long double knotted strands of fleece to fully cover the mat.

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Exceeded my expectations. High quality product. Speedy delivery. My 11 year old dog learned how to use it in one day. His meal times have never been so much fun! Thank you so much. Highly recommend. :)


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